Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

  • Watch the Odor...Make sure there is no noticeable odor, such as pet smells, garbage, stale smoke, etc., to turn off others.
  • Clear Out and De-Clutter...Allow the interior to appear as spacious as possible. Pack away small items and maybe even put some furniture into storage.
  • Make it Move In Ready...Most buyers want to move in and unpack. You may want to consider replacing the shag carpet or outdated wallpaper to sell it faster.
  • Clean It! Consider a DEEP clean - shampoo the carpets, wipe down baseboards, re-grout tile, wash the windows, etc...
  • Paint It...Adding a new coat of paint can do wonders for a room. If you have eclectic colors you may want to consider toning it down with neutral colors that will appeal to more potential buyers.
  • Keep the Home Updated...An ageless home is more appealing to buyers. If the kitchen or baths are vintage 1970's, you may want to consider an update.
  • Keep it Light...Buyers like open and bright homes. Keep the curtains open, bring in additional lighting to darker spaces and up the wattage on the lightbulbs. (Of course, not higher than recommended by the manufacturer.)
  • Keep it Neutral...You don't want to offend a potential buyer. Remove items of controversy - like mounted animal heads, books, etc. It may be a good idea to store religious items as well.
  • Clean Out Closets and Cabinets...Buyers love storage, the more the better!