Selling Your Property in Mammoth Lakes

I can keep you posted on showings and when we get into escrow, you will be informed of the physical inspection, appraisal and other important contingencies that need to be met so that you end up with a closed escrow. Very often there are items that need to be repaired and we will follow u pon those repairs on your behalf and make sure that things are done in a timely and professional mannor.

With my 30 plus years of experience, I know how important communication is and I will endeavor to keep you informed every step of the way.

If you have any questions, I would love to talk with you.

Do you know how short sales are handled in California?
There is a new California law that will protect homeowners while pursuing short sales by prohibiting first and secondary lien holders from going after sellers for money owed after the short sales close.

SB 458 reinforces protections offered by a previous law, SB 931, which only required the first lien holder in a short sale to accept an agreed-upon payment as the full payment of an outstanding loan balance.

This new law, which became effective immediately, now prohibits secondary lien holders from pursuing deficiencies after a short sale closes. By extending anti-deficiency protection to all existing loans on a home when a short sale occurs, homeowners are given the option to use a short sale as an alternative to foreclosrue or bankruptcy.