Price - Condition - Location

When evaluating a property for a seller, I price it with much thought and research. The 3 things we can talk about are...


     The location cannot be changed and it either adds value to the property because of view, exposure and particular proximaties to Canyon Lodge, Eagle Lodge, The Village, golf courses, or it is neutral or negative depending on what it looks like and where it is located. We can't do anything about that, but the location affects the price.
     The condition can be upgraded and cleaned up by the seller prior to putting it on the market or the price can be adjusted to meet the condition of the property.
     Getting rid of personal items and clutter is always essential to a home presenting itself properly. Fresh paint and cleaning carpets are a good first step to putting property on the market. Getting rid of odors and if it is a home, cleaning up the yard is essential. Flowers are always a very welcome addition to either the inside or outside of the property. Be sure to remove snow if the property is listed in the winter.
     When an offer comes in, I will give you an estimated sellers net sheet so that you know what the costs of selling are and what your net will be when the escrow closes.