Quality of Life Transient Rental Inspections

As the Town begins to set more rules in place for the safety of our visitors, there is a new inspection requirement for all owners that rent their properties nightly.  As you may or may not know, the ability to rent individual homes in areas that were not previously zoned for it will go to a vote rather than being decided by the Town Council.  These same regulations would also be enforced for those rentals should that vote pass, which may be why these safety issues are being put in place now.

These requirements may seem like a hassle, but actually are for the safety and liability of both owners and renters alike.

This inspection report will be completed by an approved inspector and one of the requirements is that the inspectors are already licensed as a certified home inspector.  The 2 page questionnaire, which can be pulled from the link below, will require an inspector to visit the property and verify that all 15 items are in compliance.   This form will then be sent to both the Town and the owner.  As owners of condos that are on a nightly rental program, it will be your responsibility to see this is complete.   Your rental agency may help to facilitate this, so you might want to give them a call or just call an approved inspector.

I can highly recommend an approved Quality of Life Inspector for you, Dave Galbreath at 760 937-0200, or email at davegconstruction@gmail.com. www.mammothlakeshomenspection.com

With the early snow fall and the prediction of more to come, this could be our best season since 2010, so it will be a great opportunity to maximize your rental income, by making not only cosmetic upgrades but the required safety upgrades as well.

Transient Rental Inspection Form

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