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With the winter season approaching, it is very important to have a property management company overseeing your home in Mammoth.   You don’t want to walk in to any surprises, especially after the typical 5 to 7 hour drive or even the 1 to 2 hour plane ride to arrive at your special “get away”.

A property management company is a crucial piece to being able to enjoy your home in Mammoth.  They can watch over and be proactive on any maintenance issues that are necessary.  Proper care of your home can save you thousands of dollars.   You wouldn’t consider owning a home without insurance and you shouldn’t consider having a home in Mammoth that you don’t have someone checking on weekly.

A Property Management company typically will check on heat, lights, snow removal for driveways, walkways, decks, roofs, landscaping,  and spa maintenance, and any other needs you deem necessary.  They can be your “go to” phone call for any remodeling, repairs, cleaning, or guests that you may want to bless with using your home.   The list of services is endless, and, of course, the amount of services is commensurate with the monthly service fees.

You want to be sure they are properly insured and have the skills and integrity to be in your home.  You want someone you can trust and is easily accessible so that if you have an emergency they are reachable.  You want someone with experience, but not so much business that they aren’t personally the ones walking your property.

There are several homeowner services that have good reputations.  There is one in particular that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and that is Old Faithful Property Management,  Klark and Sarah Tapia.  Klark has construction experience which is a great compliment to property management.  They have almost 5 years of condo property management and are used to the various problems that can arise from home ownership in a cold, snow climate.  They can be reached at (805)453-6721 or  I happen to have an up close and personal relationship them as Sarah is our daughter.   Having grown up in Mammoth, she and Klark are more than intimate with the various responsibilities in caring for property in a cold climate.

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This quote is from one of their customers that came in an unsolicited email, but they received their permission to use it in my blog.

"Your property management is truly superior. We really appreciate the timely communications. The pictures are great also. I hope we are not high maintenance clients.  We love Mammoth; we love our home. You are helping us stay connected to both. We will be happy to refer you to any others who are interested in your service."
~Corey & Suzy Moore

Mission Statement:

The mission of Old Faithful Property Management is to provide an excellent standard of service.  We tailor your service to each individual owners needs by allowing each owner to create their own package of services.  We take pride in our top quality service.  We can ensure that the work being done is top quality. Sarah and I will be your point of contact for all your property concerns.  We would like to make owning a vacation home easy and stress free by being the “one phone call” you make to take care of your home.  We have an excellent list of reliable, trustworthy service contractors to refer when you need anything from an appliance repair to having your house cleaned. Our service, integrity and attention to detail all play a part in providing each homeowner with the care that they deserve. 

 ~Klark & Sarah Tapia

(805)453-6721  or e-mail:

Old Faithful Property Management has a special running for $100 per month for the first 6 months,  but act quickly as this special runs out if you aren’t signed up by December 31, 2014.

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