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Time for Fishing in Mammoth Lakes!

The TroutFitter

Many of the shops and stores in Mammoth Lakes switch from winter to summer, but the TroutFitter specializes in fishing all year long.  In Mammoth, it isn’t just the variety of scenery and sports that you can partake in.  It is getting to know the people that make Mammoth a welcoming place to spend your time.

With the opening of fishing season upon us, I thought you might be interested in some behind the scenes information on one of Mammoth’s premiere fishing stores.

The TroutFitter has been owned and operated by Kent & Jeri Rianda since the late 1990’s.  It is a family run business with Chad Brizendine, their son-in-law also managing during the busiest season which is late April to November 15th.  They offer a family environment and local expertise.  It is a destination shop and they keep 15 guides busy, 7 days a week.  They also bring in reps for special deals and extensive product knowledge. They also plan to include tie flying classes, which is truly an art.

As I was looking through the shop, I was amazed by all the fly’s and couldn’t help but take a photo of the “Terrestrials”.  They have a full line of fishing apparel including outer wear, shoes, boots, sunglasses, waders, rods, reels, fly fishing, spin fishing, you need it, they have it!

Flies!They guide from Bridgeport to Bishop, lakes and streams.  Pleasant Valley, Hot Creek, lower and upper gorge are open year round.  I have even seen them at Shady Rest, which is where they take beginners to teach them the technique of using a fly rod.  They make it look simple, but I am pretty sure it isn’t!


Summer time usually brings in more families looking for something to learn and do as a family.  You can put away all your technology tools (phones, IPADS, laptops) and really spend time getting to know not just the habits of the fish you are trying to outsmart; but those members of your family that are often too busy to have any type of a conversation, other than text messaging one another.Waders at the Trout Fitter

I was able to “hook up” with Cog MacNeil and ask a few questions about how he ended up as a guide.  He started fishing at the age of 8.  He worked in the banking and investment business and after doing that for many years, decided to follow his heart and probably help his heart with a different environment.  Cog is in his 5th year of guiding.  He specializes in fly fishing and enjoys the walk and wade style of fishing.  I asked him, what is your favorite spot? and he said, “Wherever my client wants to fish.   It is all about the experience.  The guides spend all day out in the field and share information and hot spots which are constantly changing.  It is just like any sport, you need the local expertise to fully enjoy the experience.”  When Cog visits another area for fishing, he always checks into the local shops and hires a guide so that he can learn and enjoy what that area has to offer.

Cog MacNeil and Pat Jaeger


Cog MacNeil and Pat Jaeger



To become a guide for The TroutFitter is a commitment to the sport.  The following is an excerpt from Kent Rianda, the owner and operator of The TroutFitter in Mammoth Lakes which tells what he looks for in a guide.

It is no easy task becoming a TroutFitter guide - the standard is high. After demonstrating they are already an “expert” fly fishermen and having graduated from the Clearwater Guide School, they must “pay their dues”. Paying their dues translates, first, working in the shop for a minimum of a full year and demonstrating that they have patience, empathy, and the ability to teach, traits that you are born with and cannot be taught.

Next, a formal training program for every apprentice, which is conducted by our master guides. Most of our master guides came from the original Eastside Guide Service, unquestionably the finest group of guides ever to fish the Eastern Sierra. The “secret” to why that group was so good was that as they accepted a new member into the group, the new person was expeditiously brought up to the group’s level of expertise by on-the-job (or in this case, on-the-water) training. Half of the original Eastside Guide Service guides are still with the shop and now comprise a good part of our master guides.

 I know you will enjoy the friendly, family atmosphere and advice when you stop in The TroutFitter, which is located in the Shell Mart Center at the corner of Highway 203 and Old Mammoth Road.  You can contact them at 760 924-3676 or better yet check out their website at and hire one of their knowledgeable, friendly guides.

You just might find me at Shady Rest on one of those beginner lessons!   One of my best memories about fishing is when my Dad, who is now 91, took our son Chad fishing on his 5th birthday and Chad caught 5 fish at Convict Lake.  Those are times money can’t buy.

We make a living by what we get,  We make a life by what we give



Trends Insideout in Mammoth Lakes

TRENDS INSIDEOUT, is a subsidiary of High Country Lumber and Ace Hardware in Mammoth Lakes, which have been in the Eastern Sierra for 63 years.   They offer ONE STOP shopping with their Design Center and 20/20 Design software, clients can pick out colors, textures, fixtures, cabinets, etc. and see on their computers exactly what they have selected and how it looks when all put together.

They have brought in Mike VanWinkle to head up this new store.  Mike was a licensed general contractor and also has a sales and communications background.  He is new to living in Mammoth, but has visited here all his life and has family that has been living here for several years.

TRENDS INSIDEOUT in Mammoth Lakes sees that the real estate market is turning and positive things are happening in Mammoth Lakes.  They want to be positioned to meet the needs of the local contractors and customers and will strive to collaborate with them and have competitive pricing with what they bring to our marketplace.

They will have a full product line that includes: 

  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • LightingTrends Insideout Showroom
  • Cabinets
  • Counter-tops
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Appliances
  • Hearth and Stoves
  • Window CoveringsTrends Insideout Kitchen Showroom
  • Paint
  • Wall Coverings
  • Carpet & Flooring, Tile & Stone
  • Decorative Hardware
  • TV’s and Home Electronics
  • Rugs and Pillows
  • Outdoor Living

This kind of convenience is new to Mammoth.  The show room is still coming together, but it will give the consumer lots to look at and choose from.   In the past, many owners have brought things up from Southern California and it doesn’t always fit or match, or they don’t have anyone to install it.  This will allow buyers to secure the fit aTrends Insideout Window Showroomnd finish they are looking for.

They will bring in seasonal items as well.  They already have some outdoor furniture in one corner of their store.   You really should stop in and see what they have to offer.  They also have an Idea and Information Café and a place where you and your contractor can roll out your plans.

Please call or stop in to meet Mike.  He is anxious to work with you and or your contractor.  He can be reached at (760)924-2720 and they are right across from High Country Lumber at 243 Sierra Manor Road, Mammoth Lakes.  You can email Mike at   There new website is

I am personally excited about some hardwood flooring and a new product that looks like hardwood flooring.  I will have to get my husband over there so we can pick out some new things for our own home!

They are a couple weeks out from being totally functional and their Design Gallery is still under construction, but they would love for you to stop in.   I know you will be impressed by what they are offering.



Looking for a Loan? Mammoth Lakes Athletes UPDATED

Year End Race Results for Mammoth Lakes Athletes

Following the end of the season for some of our local Mammoth Lakes athletes Skicross season, John Teller was injured and missed 2 races, while the final race for the season was cancelled due to weather.  John finished as U.S. Men’s National Champion and 6th in the World.

While competing in Italy,   Madeline Riffel finished 29th in the World Juniors competition.   She also had an 8th place finish in the Swiss Nationals. This was Madeline’s first full year of competition on the Skicross circuit.  She is U.S. Women’s National Champion and  42nd in the world. 

These athletes have their eye on the 2014 Winter Olympics, so I am sure they will be doing lots of dry land training and looking for an early winter to perfect their talents.

We have had an extremely busy race week in Mammoth as other ski areas haven’t had enough snow so the races were held in Mammoth.  The slopes have been covered with World Cup skiers and up and coming World Cup skiers.

      Bubby Riffel, Nicki Norton & Bode Miller at Mammoth Mountain this Week

Looking for a loan?

While we all know that obtaining loans is more difficult than it was several years ago, the Mammoth Lakes branch of Wells Fargo is excellent to work with.  Their office will be celebrating their 20th year anniversary in October 2013.  Both Randi Maier and Doug Magid have a high success rate of finishing what they have started.  They will request what they need up front so that you don’t continually have to send them additional paperwork.  Working with an out of town lender often has disappointing results, so don’t always look at the interest rate without looking at the costs to obtain your financing.  A loan that never funds is not the best rate.  Because they are so thorough up front, they have a 90%+ success rate in closing loans for their borrowers.  As a borrower unless you are looking as a 1st time home buyer or a special primary home loan, expect to put 20% to 25% down.  With 25% down the HOA certification is limited and it is easier to approve the condo or townhome project.  Some condos in Mammoth Lakes are considered condo/hotel and financing is currently not available.  Randi and Doug can be reached at 760 924-2270.

Our inventory is lower than it has been in years.  As a buyer, you want to be able to have your agent present your offer with a preapproval letter.