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First Time Home Buyers

Up Close and Personal with John and Angela Teller, New Homeowners

This past week I had the privilege of representing a first time home buyer. What made it exciting for me, is that they were friends of my children.  There has been quite a few of my kids friends that have moved away from Mammoth Lakes upon graduating from high school.  Many of them have obtained their college degrees, and then out of their choice they have moved back to the Eastern Sierras.

The couple I am referring to is John Teller and Angela Dessert Teller.  John was born and raised in Mammoth, and Angela has lived in Mammoth from the tender age of 1.  John’s folks and even grandparents own businesses in Mammoth.  Angela’s folks and now her Dad manage Snowcreek I and III.

Angela graduated from UCSB with a major in Communications and a minor in Exercise health and sciences.  That makes her a perfect match for John, who stayed in Mammoth to hone his skiing career.  He was an avid Alpine racer, took a break for a few years, and then about 5 years ago feel in love with SkierCross.  He has been very successful in this event earning a Gold Medal at the X games in 2010, ending up in 4th place in the World Cup standings in 2010 and 2011.  He has also had several World Cup 1st place finishes.  He was the 2013 US Men’s National Champion.

This next season, assuming he gets 2 top 12 finishes or 1 podium place finish, he will qualify for the Winter Olympics 2014 Skiercross competition.

John and Angela are committed to staying in the Eastern Sierras and had been saving for their down payment for 5 years.  They had been watching the market and saving their money until this past August when they decided they had found their “gem” and ended up purchasing a home in Crowley.

While they were renting, they made some sacrifices, with the end goal of saving money to purchase their own home so that they can raise their family here and continue the tradition of parents and grandparents all staying in our small community.

As with all big decisions, it was initially an emotional roller coaster (to say the least) for Angela.  In fact, the first weekend after their offer had been accepted, John went deer hunting, and Angela got so nervous she called me to ask me to withdraw their offer.  With all the traveling that John does in the winter for his Skiercross competitions, she was concerned that they wouldn’t have enough money due to his traveling expenses.  When he got back from his hunting weekend, he calmed her down and said, “no matter what you do in life, hard work always pays off.”  He has come from a family that has modeled that his whole life.  His Dad is part owner of Mammoth Chevron and his Grandparents own Alpine Garage.  John works as a mechanic when he isn’t training or competing.

So after talking about the purchase again, and realizing that they wanted the dream of home ownership, they made the decision to move forward, knowing it might mean some sacrifice.    John has been excited and supportive of their decision to buy, while Angela is the one that actually does all the paperwork.  That is the part that isn’t so much fun, but certainly necessary.

By deciding to purchase in Crowley, after looking in both Mammoth and Crowley, they were able to find a  3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath home a 2+car garage, plenty of parking for their camper, snowmobiles, boat, a fenced in yard with a pond, garden area, fruit trees and views!  Even their dog Rusty, a Jack Russell, feels he has come home!

John now has a place to keep his skis tuned and with a half bath in the garage, he can stay down there for hours.

Once we got into escrow, the process went smoothly.  Part of the small town feel of a purchase became evident as their friends were able to help them through the inspection process.  The inspection process is an important part of the buying process and should not be overlooked.   The seller even brought pears from their pear tree to Angela during the escrow

With Angela working for Union Bank in the loan department, she now knows firsthand what is required when purchasing a home.  Union Bank is being more aggressive about getting into the mortgage business and has several home loan programs.  They have an Economic Opportunity Mortgage loan which is similar to an FHA where the buyer can get in with just 3% down.

Angela’s job at Union Bank includes assisting others with their lines of credit, and mortgages.  Now she knows firsthand the process from beginning to end.

Please feel free to call Angela if you are looking for a mortgage.  She can be reached at Union Bank, 760 934-2547 and would be happy to help you make your dream come true too.

As locals who had a close and constant look at our market, they knew that now was a great time to get into Mammoth or the surrounding area.  Prices and interest rates are still low.

I will keep everyone updated on John’s Skiercross progress this season and am looking forward to having another Olympic Athlete make their home in the Eastern Sierras.

As John believes, “No matter what you do in life, hard word always pays off”


Mammoth Community - It's All About the People

A community is really all about the people that live there, not just the real estate.

Jane Anderson Baer is all about community as she works to provide recreational projects for
kids in Mammoth Lakes. The Brother's Skate Park completed in 2007 and The Little Brothers Park addition finished this summer fulfills the dream of her son Jeff for a world class skate park in Mammoth Lakes.

It all started in 1985 when Jeffrey Anderson was 8 and Billy Anderson was 10. The young boys went in front of the Mammoth Lakes Town Council with 250 signatures of support and a dream of a skate park. The members of the Town Council thought the petition and project showed an admirable effort and praised their work, but their answer was “no”.Brothers Skate Park

10 years later, when Jeffrey was 18, a group of young people began working for the skate park at Shady Rest Park. The Town gave permission for a skate park, but Jeffrey’s vision and the Town’s vision were completely different. When the skate park at Shady Rest was built, it was a small park with obstacles less than 3 feet. Jeff’s vision for a world class skate park was still not fulfilled.

 In 2003, Jeffrey passed while on the snowboard tour in Japan. There was a Memorial held in Jeffrey’s honor at Mammoth Mountain and people wanted to donate to something that would leave a lasting legacy to honor their friend and brother. Jane immediately knew what Jeff wanted most was a world class skate board park in his home town. She went to work on the realization of Jeffrey’s dream. Generations to come will benefit from his vision and Jane’s hard work.

Jane said that when she first moved to Mammoth in 1974 she fell in love with the town's spirit. A strong sense of community, the number of people that volunteered to help one another, and great importance of these projects to a small community impressed Jane. In the first year the high school was finished with a donated gym, the ground work was being laid for a hospital, and the volunteer fire department was supplying a new rescue truck.

Brother's Skate ParkThat local community sprit came alive with the support of the action sports industry to raise the funds to build a world class skate park. Burton Global Team, Quicksilver, Billabong, Oakley, Red Bull, Anon, Grenade, Analog, the U.S. Snowboard team, Mammoth Mountain, and Volcom, worked with local businesses like Roberto's, Burgers, Slocum's, Wave Rave, Footloose, to get the job done. All you have to do is walk through the amazing Skate Board Park Pavers to see all the others that have donated to make this project happen.

 The first phase of the Skateboard Park was 42,000 square feet. (Most skate parks are 15,000 to 20,000 square feet.) Skaters began looking at various locations and with the support of Trails End Homeowners and Tony Barrett the park ended up on Town Property. Much of this project was done on a hand shake, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. The contractor, Grind Line, finished the project with volunteer labor and the support of local businesses such as Mammoth Mountain, Marzano and Sons, Wave Rave, and the Water District.Brother's Skate Park

 After 3 years of looking for the right property, designing the park, completing the fundraising, and hiring the contractor, Jeffrey’s dream began to become a reality. As the project came to an end, Jane realized that she was $50,000 short. She was prepared to borrow the money to complete the project. When Dave McCoy heard about the short fall, he came to her rescue. At the annual Foundation fundraiser, Dave McCoy stood up and shared that the Skate Park was $50,000 shy of being completed and within 3 minutes there were enough donations to complete the project. This last $50,000 was raised through the generosity of individuals that still live and support Mammoth.

The Brothers Skate Park broke ground in 2006, and was completed as the snow beganto fall on November 1. On November 2, 2007, the project was turned over to the Town of Mammoth Lakes for $1.00. Recently, Phase II of the skate park was completed. Adjacent to the main park, the additional 5,000 feet has small obstacles for beginner skaters. Little Brothers was started in August and turned over to the Town of Mammoth Lakes on September 13th. This project was completed in 4 weeks from the concept design to completion with the dedicated effort of Dawn True, Brian Sizer, Peter Bernasconi, and Mike Lary.

Once again, the individuals and volunteers were what made it happen. Mammoth Mountain with Rusty’s blessing donated 5 pieces of heavy equipment, 2 dump trucks, and with Clifford Mann overseeing the project got things moving. Kyle Gallagher, was involved in the first Phase of the park, was back as the projects contractor. Brent Allen was able to provide some welding without advanced notice and Pete Del Giudice made the three metal drain covers. John Eastman and Marc Wolters and their crews laid all the pavers. The project was completed for about half of what it should have cost because of all the volunteers and community support.

During the first project Jane was about to give up. Dave McCoy encouraged her by saying, “If it was easy, anyone can do it.” This was all Jane needed to hear to get her back on track.

 After visiting with Jane, I found out that she has been involved in many of our community projects that have been a huge benefit to our Town. She brought the first swings to the Community Park on Forest Trail. She was able to raise funds for the books for the Mammoth Elementary and Middle School libraries by selling hot dogs and grant writing. She served on the Parks & Rec commission from 1986-1994 and helped with the development of Shady Rest Park and the Trail System that is still being worked on to this day. Jane was on the first swim team board, coached soccer, and T-ball.

My congratulations and appreciation to Jane Anderson Baer and her many years of service to our Town to make it a better community.

Next time you drive by or enjoy the Skate Park, I hope you appreciate the story behind it.

Jeffrey Lin Anderson’s dream has become a reality. November 2, 1979 - February 23, 2003Brother's Skate Park