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Mammoth Community - It's All About the People

A community is really all about the people that live there, not just the real estate.

Jane Anderson Baer is all about community as she works to provide recreational projects for
kids in Mammoth Lakes. The Brother's Skate Park completed in 2007 and The Little Brothers Park addition finished this summer fulfills the dream of her son Jeff for a world class skate park in Mammoth Lakes.

It all started in 1985 when Jeffrey Anderson was 8 and Billy Anderson was 10. The young boys went in front of the Mammoth Lakes Town Council with 250 signatures of support and a dream of a skate park. The members of the Town Council thought the petition and project showed an admirable effort and praised their work, but their answer was “no”.Brothers Skate Park

10 years later, when Jeffrey was 18, a group of young people began working for the skate park at Shady Rest Park. The Town gave permission for a skate park, but Jeffrey’s vision and the Town’s vision were completely different. When the skate park at Shady Rest was built, it was a small park with obstacles less than 3 feet. Jeff’s vision for a world class skate park was still not fulfilled.

 In 2003, Jeffrey passed while on the snowboard tour in Japan. There was a Memorial held in Jeffrey’s honor at Mammoth Mountain and people wanted to donate to something that would leave a lasting legacy to honor their friend and brother. Jane immediately knew what Jeff wanted most was a world class skate board park in his home town. She went to work on the realization of Jeffrey’s dream. Generations to come will benefit from his vision and Jane’s hard work.

Jane said that when she first moved to Mammoth in 1974 she fell in love with the town's spirit. A strong sense of community, the number of people that volunteered to help one another, and great importance of these projects to a small community impressed Jane. In the first year the high school was finished with a donated gym, the ground work was being laid for a hospital, and the volunteer fire department was supplying a new rescue truck.

Brother's Skate ParkThat local community sprit came alive with the support of the action sports industry to raise the funds to build a world class skate park. Burton Global Team, Quicksilver, Billabong, Oakley, Red Bull, Anon, Grenade, Analog, the U.S. Snowboard team, Mammoth Mountain, and Volcom, worked with local businesses like Roberto's, Burgers, Slocum's, Wave Rave, Footloose, to get the job done. All you have to do is walk through the amazing Skate Board Park Pavers to see all the others that have donated to make this project happen.

 The first phase of the Skateboard Park was 42,000 square feet. (Most skate parks are 15,000 to 20,000 square feet.) Skaters began looking at various locations and with the support of Trails End Homeowners and Tony Barrett the park ended up on Town Property. Much of this project was done on a hand shake, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. The contractor, Grind Line, finished the project with volunteer labor and the support of local businesses such as Mammoth Mountain, Marzano and Sons, Wave Rave, and the Water District.Brother's Skate Park

 After 3 years of looking for the right property, designing the park, completing the fundraising, and hiring the contractor, Jeffrey’s dream began to become a reality. As the project came to an end, Jane realized that she was $50,000 short. She was prepared to borrow the money to complete the project. When Dave McCoy heard about the short fall, he came to her rescue. At the annual Foundation fundraiser, Dave McCoy stood up and shared that the Skate Park was $50,000 shy of being completed and within 3 minutes there were enough donations to complete the project. This last $50,000 was raised through the generosity of individuals that still live and support Mammoth.

The Brothers Skate Park broke ground in 2006, and was completed as the snow beganto fall on November 1. On November 2, 2007, the project was turned over to the Town of Mammoth Lakes for $1.00. Recently, Phase II of the skate park was completed. Adjacent to the main park, the additional 5,000 feet has small obstacles for beginner skaters. Little Brothers was started in August and turned over to the Town of Mammoth Lakes on September 13th. This project was completed in 4 weeks from the concept design to completion with the dedicated effort of Dawn True, Brian Sizer, Peter Bernasconi, and Mike Lary.

Once again, the individuals and volunteers were what made it happen. Mammoth Mountain with Rusty’s blessing donated 5 pieces of heavy equipment, 2 dump trucks, and with Clifford Mann overseeing the project got things moving. Kyle Gallagher, was involved in the first Phase of the park, was back as the projects contractor. Brent Allen was able to provide some welding without advanced notice and Pete Del Giudice made the three metal drain covers. John Eastman and Marc Wolters and their crews laid all the pavers. The project was completed for about half of what it should have cost because of all the volunteers and community support.

During the first project Jane was about to give up. Dave McCoy encouraged her by saying, “If it was easy, anyone can do it.” This was all Jane needed to hear to get her back on track.

 After visiting with Jane, I found out that she has been involved in many of our community projects that have been a huge benefit to our Town. She brought the first swings to the Community Park on Forest Trail. She was able to raise funds for the books for the Mammoth Elementary and Middle School libraries by selling hot dogs and grant writing. She served on the Parks & Rec commission from 1986-1994 and helped with the development of Shady Rest Park and the Trail System that is still being worked on to this day. Jane was on the first swim team board, coached soccer, and T-ball.

My congratulations and appreciation to Jane Anderson Baer and her many years of service to our Town to make it a better community.

Next time you drive by or enjoy the Skate Park, I hope you appreciate the story behind it.

Jeffrey Lin Anderson’s dream has become a reality. November 2, 1979 - February 23, 2003Brother's Skate Park


Mammoth Lakes Summer Re-Cap

Mammoth is a lifestyle.  This summer was evidence that many people are appreciating the natural beauty that Mammoth offers.  The various rental agencies had all time high numbers for visitors for summer.    The Chamber of Commerce is doing an excellent job in advertising  the activites that Mammoth has to offer. The summer air service was a success and adding San Diego this winter will be an expansion that should have also have a positive affect.  Daily flights will begin December 19th from Mammoth to San Diego. There seemed to be something happening every single weekend that reached different groups in terms of interest, with more athletic events this year than ever before.      The Jazz Jubilee celebrated its 25th anniversary.    Lots of opportunities to purchase both summer and winter sporting equipment at fantastic prices with all the Tent Sales by Footloose, Kittredge,  Wave Rave, Mammoth Mountaineering, Mammoth Outdoor Sports, and Value Sports.   

The Granite Man which was this last weekend, tied the June Lake swim, the Century Ride and the Tioga Pass Run together.  The Kamikaze Mountain bike ride brought some pro riders to our area, like Cindy Whitehead Buccowich.  Cindy used to live in Mammoth and in fact, she had an awesome summer program for young kids that my son was able to partake in back in the 1990’s.   The Village hosted the beginning and ending of the Century Ride and Gran Fondo where the riders were escorted by a helicopter.  Local Todd Hensley, came in 3rd place in the tough 100 mile Grand Fondo with a time of 4:50!

There is more to Mammoth than homes and condos.  What makes Mammoth special are the people.  I will be highlighting some of Mammoth’s citizens and their contributions to our Town.

Stay tuned for more information on how  a personal tragedy has been turned into a positive.

In housing news, research firm CoreLogic reported that home prices rose 12.4 percent on a year-over-year basis in the month ended in July. This marks the seventeenth consecutive month of year-over-year price gains. Home prices still remain 17.6 percent below their peak levels, which were set in April 2006

CoreLogic reported that its Home Price Index, which includes distressed sales, showed a year-over-year increase of 12.4 percent in the month ended in July. The index rose 1.8 percent from June to July. CoreLogic also said that it expects a 12.3 percent rise in the index on a year-over-year basis in August. Housing data will be a key factor in the Fed’s decision regarding when to taper its bonds purchases. (Courtesy of Bank of America)Fall at Lake Mamie

Prices  and interest rates are still low.  Make sure you buy your own piece of Mammoth in time for the 2013-2014 ski and snowboard season.  And don’t forget snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and ice skating!

I look forward to the opportunity of helping you find your own special property in Mammoth.


The Mammoth Lifestyle

Mammoth Lakes was a lifestyle move for me in the fall of 1979.  At the time that Dave and I made the decision to live in Mammoth, we thought it would be for a couple of years.  We had purchased a studio+loft/2 bath at Hidden Valley in 1978 and found that we loved being in Mammoth.  So much, that we made the move, but never planned our exit strategy and so almost 34 years later we are still here.

In 2010 I had a bad fall and ended up being air lifted to Reno in January 2011 with a subdural hematoma. I ended up having surgery where they literally drilled a couple of holes in my head to relieve the pressure of the bleeding.  I have since been fine, but am extra careful about triggers that may cause memory loss.  I have subscribed to Medix Select, a health newsletter, as I want to be proactive about taking care of my brain.

Since so many people love Mammoth for the lifestyle and vacations are coming up very soon, I thought you might enjoy this article on Lifestyle Changes for stress.  We live in a stressed society and people come here to relieve the stress from their day to day workload.  Believe it or not, living in Mammoth I can still experience stress!  I do appreciate the view out my window and the short commute to work though.

Here are some tips that are pretty basic, but even recently, I was able to put these suggestions into practice and they really turned my day around.

7 Lifestyle Changes Help Tame Stress

Studies show that dealing with chronic stress can wreak havoc on your health and happiness. Here are seven healthy ways to manage those daily stressors and feel better and lighter, now.

1. Catch it immediately: The first step in taming stress is becoming aware of your triggers, and taking steps to calm yourself right away.  Be aware of your own “stress reflex” as soon as it starts, especially when you stress over mundane things.

2. Change your posture: People who stand taller with their shoulders back and chests open, not slumped, have found their stress levels reduced, even if they change their posture for just a few minutes.

3. Turn off your phone, go outside: If you're feeling stressed, turn off your phone and head outside. Several studies show spending time in nature improves general well-being, lowers anxiety, stress and depression, and even boosts self-confidence.

4. Exercise: Working up a good sweat not only boosts your mood, but research finds that it can soothe anxiety and better prep you for a stressful or emotional event or experience. If you need a quick break at work, run a few times up and down a flight of stairs, or walk around the block.

5. Laugh it out: Research shows that people who laugh, also enjoy the highest drops in stress levels.

6. Make a decision: Being in limbo over a decision can cause stress. If the decision you need to make is relatively small, just decide and move on.

7. Set new goals: Set yourself goals or challenges, just for you.

So, sign up for one of the up and coming races in Mammoth, and buy a property in Mammoth so that you can take advantage of the high altitude training!