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Quality of Life Transient Rental Inspections

As the Town begins to set more rules in place for the safety of our visitors, there is a new inspection requirement for all owners that rent their properties nightly.  As you may or may not know, the ability to rent individual homes in areas that were not previously zoned for it will go to a vote rather than being decided by the Town Council.  These same regulations would also be enforced for those rentals should that vote pass, which may be why these safety issues are being put in place now.

These requirements may seem like a hassle, but actually are for the safety and liability of both owners and renters alike.

This inspection report will be completed by an approved inspector and one of the requirements is that the inspectors are already licensed as a certified home inspector.  The 2 page questionnaire, which can be pulled from the link below, will require an inspector to visit the property and verify that all 15 items are in compliance.   This form will then be sent to both the Town and the owner.  As owners of condos that are on a nightly rental program, it will be your responsibility to see this is complete.   Your rental agency may help to facilitate this, so you might want to give them a call or just call an approved inspector.

I can highly recommend an approved Quality of Life Inspector for you, Dave Galbreath at 760 937-0200, or email at

With the early snow fall and the prediction of more to come, this could be our best season since 2010, so it will be a great opportunity to maximize your rental income, by making not only cosmetic upgrades but the required safety upgrades as well.

Transient Rental Inspection Form


Mammoth Lakes Event Center

Looking for a venue to plan a party or celebration?

Kathleen Rudder is now offering a premiere space in the Mammoth Sierra Center.  This indoor space means you can plan an event anytime of the year and the weather won’t be a factor.

The premiere space for what had been a restaurant has been opened up, with concrete floors, industrial ceilings and fabulous views; it is the perfect set up for whatever you have planned.  What started off as a temporary resolution to filling an empty space has been well received and will become a permanent option for that event you are planning.    Mammoth Event Center

You can rent it for a day or an evening with  access the day before to set up and the day after to clean up.  You can bring in your own professionals or do the entire event yourself.  This gives you the flexibility to have your own personal spin on your party and you can be as personally involved or bring in your own caterers giving you more flexibility over some other locations that would require you to use their menus.

Last week there was an open house, where Kathleen invited vendors of various backgrounds and abilities, networking,  so that everyone could meet and hopefully work together in future events.

She had a photographer; caterer’s offering various specialties, a seamstress, florist, Bleu Handcrafted wine and cheese, bakers, taxi services, hair stylists, etc.  It was quite an array, so if you don’t want to do all the work yourself, Kathleen has a list of specialists for whatever you might need. The unique opportunity of the Event Center is that you aren’t tied to any one caterer, you can even bring your own food.  There is a warming tray and two large sinks, ice maker and microwave.  The Event Center can hold 300 seated people. This will facilitate your ability to keep things warm and clean.Mammoth Event Center

Some of the parties she has already done to give you some ideas are; weddings, receptions, a Quinceanera, baptism, recital, and private dinner parties.  On the upcoming schedule are Christmas parties, seminars, more recitals, and concerts.   Kathleen would like to offer her space to Non- profits as well.

Her heart has always been to give back to the community.  She encourages local shopping and has created a venue in honor of Skip Harvey for the weekly Farmers Market.  For the last 3 years, in the Mammoth Luxury Outlet Mall she has blocked off the parking lot for a Farmer’s Market so that local farmers can come and sell their fresh fruits, vegetables, jams, coffee, popcorn, etc. directly to the locals.  She has named this event Skip Harvey’s Farmer’s Market.  For those of you that didn’t know Skip, he owned the Base Camp Restaurant and was a former Town Councilman.  Kathleen does not gain financially from this event, but does it for the benefit of others.

Kathleen’s heart has always been for children, theatre and the arts.  They have had fundraisers for the Theatre, where you create a chalk drawing to show your talent, and various businesses then buy a square and the funds go to the Theatre program, which is being run by Shira Dubrovner, as  manager of The MammView from Mammoth Event Centeroth Lakes Repertoire Theatre. 

Kathleen has volunteered with Make a Wish Foundation and has personally taken terminally ill children and their families to Marine World, the Zoo, and various other areas that bring light and excitement into the lives of children that spend most of their time in a hospital room.

Paul and Kathleen have 4 different scholarships that they award every year to seniors.  She usually is most interested in the child that has potential, but not necessarily the financial means to attend a college.  I know that her scholarship fund sponsored both my kids with book scholarships and it was very much appreciated.  Much of the reward is meeting these kids and hearing their stories, and then knowing that she and Paul can be a small part of the solution.

Kathleen’s heart is to give back to and improve the community and the Mammoth Event Center is another way of creating memories and special times.

She would love to help you get started on your own special event, so please call Kathleen at (760)937-0889 and start planning!

Mammoth is a special place and it is the people that make it that way.

If you are looking to spend more time in Mammoth, it is always a great time to buy real estate!  Interest rates and prices are still very favorable.  Don’t get left behind, please call me for an appointment to see what we have available.

As we enter the Holiday season when giving and sharing is so much part of our culture, have a thankful heart, and it will make your busy schedule a blessing.


Trends Insideout in Mammoth Lakes

TRENDS INSIDEOUT, is a subsidiary of High Country Lumber and Ace Hardware in Mammoth Lakes, which have been in the Eastern Sierra for 63 years.   They offer ONE STOP shopping with their Design Center and 20/20 Design software, clients can pick out colors, textures, fixtures, cabinets, etc. and see on their computers exactly what they have selected and how it looks when all put together.

They have brought in Mike VanWinkle to head up this new store.  Mike was a licensed general contractor and also has a sales and communications background.  He is new to living in Mammoth, but has visited here all his life and has family that has been living here for several years.

TRENDS INSIDEOUT in Mammoth Lakes sees that the real estate market is turning and positive things are happening in Mammoth Lakes.  They want to be positioned to meet the needs of the local contractors and customers and will strive to collaborate with them and have competitive pricing with what they bring to our marketplace.

They will have a full product line that includes: 

  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • LightingTrends Insideout Showroom
  • Cabinets
  • Counter-tops
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Appliances
  • Hearth and Stoves
  • Window CoveringsTrends Insideout Kitchen Showroom
  • Paint
  • Wall Coverings
  • Carpet & Flooring, Tile & Stone
  • Decorative Hardware
  • TV’s and Home Electronics
  • Rugs and Pillows
  • Outdoor Living

This kind of convenience is new to Mammoth.  The show room is still coming together, but it will give the consumer lots to look at and choose from.   In the past, many owners have brought things up from Southern California and it doesn’t always fit or match, or they don’t have anyone to install it.  This will allow buyers to secure the fit aTrends Insideout Window Showroomnd finish they are looking for.

They will bring in seasonal items as well.  They already have some outdoor furniture in one corner of their store.   You really should stop in and see what they have to offer.  They also have an Idea and Information Café and a place where you and your contractor can roll out your plans.

Please call or stop in to meet Mike.  He is anxious to work with you and or your contractor.  He can be reached at (760)924-2720 and they are right across from High Country Lumber at 243 Sierra Manor Road, Mammoth Lakes.  You can email Mike at   There new website is

I am personally excited about some hardwood flooring and a new product that looks like hardwood flooring.  I will have to get my husband over there so we can pick out some new things for our own home!

They are a couple weeks out from being totally functional and their Design Gallery is still under construction, but they would love for you to stop in.   I know you will be impressed by what they are offering.



Looking for a Loan? Mammoth Lakes Athletes UPDATED

Year End Race Results for Mammoth Lakes Athletes

Following the end of the season for some of our local Mammoth Lakes athletes Skicross season, John Teller was injured and missed 2 races, while the final race for the season was cancelled due to weather.  John finished as U.S. Men’s National Champion and 6th in the World.

While competing in Italy,   Madeline Riffel finished 29th in the World Juniors competition.   She also had an 8th place finish in the Swiss Nationals. This was Madeline’s first full year of competition on the Skicross circuit.  She is U.S. Women’s National Champion and  42nd in the world. 

These athletes have their eye on the 2014 Winter Olympics, so I am sure they will be doing lots of dry land training and looking for an early winter to perfect their talents.

We have had an extremely busy race week in Mammoth as other ski areas haven’t had enough snow so the races were held in Mammoth.  The slopes have been covered with World Cup skiers and up and coming World Cup skiers.

      Bubby Riffel, Nicki Norton & Bode Miller at Mammoth Mountain this Week

Looking for a loan?

While we all know that obtaining loans is more difficult than it was several years ago, the Mammoth Lakes branch of Wells Fargo is excellent to work with.  Their office will be celebrating their 20th year anniversary in October 2013.  Both Randi Maier and Doug Magid have a high success rate of finishing what they have started.  They will request what they need up front so that you don’t continually have to send them additional paperwork.  Working with an out of town lender often has disappointing results, so don’t always look at the interest rate without looking at the costs to obtain your financing.  A loan that never funds is not the best rate.  Because they are so thorough up front, they have a 90%+ success rate in closing loans for their borrowers.  As a borrower unless you are looking as a 1st time home buyer or a special primary home loan, expect to put 20% to 25% down.  With 25% down the HOA certification is limited and it is easier to approve the condo or townhome project.  Some condos in Mammoth Lakes are considered condo/hotel and financing is currently not available.  Randi and Doug can be reached at 760 924-2270.

Our inventory is lower than it has been in years.  As a buyer, you want to be able to have your agent present your offer with a preapproval letter.



Mammoth Lakes Athletes Excel in Recent Competitions

A follow up from the Canyons in Utah Skicross results where 3 Mammoth locals excelled:
As a reminder John Teller took 1st place, which also ranked him as the U.S. Men’s National Champion.  Tyler Wallasch took 2nd place in that race. Madeline Riffel took 2nd place, which ranked her as the U.S. Women’s National Champion.

As the ski racing season is coming to a close, the racers have ramped up their schedules and have been competing in Canada and Europe.

John Teller took 3rd in Oslo, Norway in the Freestyle World Championships on March 10th.    He is currently ranked 1st in the United States and 9th in the world.  John suffered an injury and has taken a couple weeks off, but he is gearing up for the World Cup Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain this Sunday, March 24th

Tyler Wallasch has been Madeline Riffel, Mammoth Lakes, CA Residentcompeting on the Europa Cup and is currently ranked 24th.

Madeline Riffel took a 1st Place and a 4th place in Canada last weekend, March 16th & 17th at the Panorama NorAm races.  She is currently ranked 2nd in the U.S. and 4th in the NorAm Circuit.  Madeline will be competing in Valmalenco, Italy at the Junior World’s Skicross on March 29th. (Photo: Madeline center)

Please be cheering these Mammoth locals on as they finish up this year’s Skicross World Championships

Mammoth Runner, Deena Kastor, competed in the Los Angeles Marathon last Sunday and finished third, with a time of 2:32:38.  This was Deena’s first marathon since the birth of her 2 year old daughter Piper.  Deena holds the American women’s marathon record of 2:19:36 which she set by winning the London Marathon in 2006.  Deena has also earned a bronze medal in the Women’s marathon in the 2004 Olympics and has won a myriad of other races.  She is in an elite group of women runners to make the National Championships for four consecutive years.  Deena and her husband Andrew have hearts of gold.  They personally encouraged my son Chad when he was in high school and were instrumental in getting him accepted to UCLA as a cross country runner.

The new Whitmore Park Track and Sports Field which had its grand opening November 17, 2012 will be attracting many world class athletes looking to train and gain the benefits of high altitude in 2013.

There are many fine athletes that make Mammoth their home and have been very successful in their different sports. Mammoth is truly a year round resort with excellent training venues for both summer and winter sports enthusiast.

Now is an excellent time to consider buying a home, condo or lot.  Much of California seems to be recovering their property values and Mammoth as a second home market, is on the verge of this as well.


Mammoth...A Dream for Locals Coming True

Mammoth...A dream for locals coming true!

John Teller and Madelaine Riffel

What an exciting week it has been for 3 Mammoth locals that all took center stage in last week’s Skicross finals at the U.S. Grand Prix at Canyons in Utah.

Madeline Riffel, took 1st place for U.S. women’s national championships for Skicross.   She was 2nd to finish, but the 1st American so has taken the national title.  I have known Madeline since the day she was born, so it is truly exciting to see her flourish as I also know and have an understanding for her commitment to the sport.

John Teller took 1st place for the U.S. men’s national championships for Skicross, and was also 1st place finisher overall.  Another local Tyler Wallasch took 2nd place.

John Teller has been a coach to both Madeline and Tyler.  John has been around the sport for several years while Madeline and Tyler are just beginning their careers, and at 18 having a very successful start! Madeline is currently training under James Tautkus.

People come to Mammoth because it is a beautiful place to recreate, to perfect their skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and other athletic skills.  We have many families that make the trip to Mammoth every weekend so their kids can enroll in and be part of the Mammoth Ski Team.

Mammoth is about a lifestyle, family memories, friends and a beautiful place to live and visit.  The success of the locals competing on a national level is also evidence of what Mammoth Mountain has to offer in terms of terrain, lessons, safety, and an unusually long ski season.

I will be following the success of these 3 skiers and especially Madeline Riffel.  Yes, she is related to my broker!  John has gone on to Oslo, Norway and Madeline may be competing in Canada this next week.

I will continue to update on the local real estate market, trends, interest rates, construction costs, local news, ordinances, new businesses, and other things that are of interest, but love the opportunity of sharing the success of the locals that make Mammoth their home.

The real estate market may be at the bottom, but the life style Mammoth offers is worth more than gold!   Come and join us as we cheer on our next generation of successful Mammoth athletes. 

Mammoth is more than a home or a condo, it is about quality of life and a relationship, which makes buying something second nature!